KNUTSFORD businesses are looking forward to offering their customers a warm and safe welcome as they reopen on Monday, June 15.

All non-essential shops will be able to reopen from that date, and the Guardian has spoken to three businesses to find out their plans for the big day.

Tracy Tiller and Dionne Bradbury own Glamorous of Knutsford, and have introduced changes at the ladies fashion boutique in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tracy said: “We’ve had to really change the shop while trying to keep it personal.

“We have created a one-way system, have put sanitising stations in and have screens on the counter, and have a protocol we want people to follow.

“We want to keep our customers and ourselves safe, and our cleaning regime is through the roof.

“I want people to be able to feel at ease. We always have music on, and we’re always chatting, which we’re still going to be doing.

“I want people, especially local residents, to support Knutsford - it’s a beautiful town and we have to cherish it.

“We have been here 11 years, it’s our livelihoods, we’ve loved every minute of it and don’t want to see that end.

“If people can support us and want to buy clothes they need to trust that we’re doing everything we can to keep them safe - and to keep it glamorous - because we want it to be fun.”

Chris Eversfield, the owner of Serenity Designs with Attitude, which sells lifestyle accessories, gifts and art, is eager to reopen but nervous about the reaction of his customers and how staff and customers would interact.

He said: “The safety of everyone is foremost in our minds, and we are going to introduce a one-way system in the store.

“We will have a limit on the number of people in the store and very visible signage and social distancing markings.

“We have put up screens at our till for our safety and that of our customers, and will follow robust hygiene at all times.

“We are about engaging with people, and will aim to maintain that fun spirit while respecting everyone’s safety.

“If you love what we do we’re keeping it going with bells on. Everything that people love about us and the other shops in Knutsford will still be there, but it might be a little different.

“We would ask people to keep supporting family-run independent shops because they are our livelihoods

“We want people to come and enjoy what we’ve got offer and we will make it as safe as we can.”

Vicky Wragg, the owner of family furniture and accessories business Arthur Lee, said she was ready to reopen but apprehensive because it would be a different experience for her customers.

She said: “We are still a browsing shop, and want it to be as open and airy as possible.

“It’s a big shop, and people can spread out here as we’re very lucky being on three floors.

“We’ve got ourselves set up with hand sanitisers at the door, and overall people are free to wander because it’s such a big shop.

“We may have to limit the numbers in the shop on busy days, but have our own car park and driveway, so if people are going to be queuing or waiting outside they are not on the street.”

“We are constantly getting messages from people saying they cannot wait to come in as they need their Arthur Lee fix.

“We are gearing up to reopen on June 15, and have spent the lockdown time doing redecoration projects we could never have done if the shop was open.”