POLICE officers have been handed extra powers to deal with anti-social behaviour at Pickmere Lake.

The beauty spot has become a problem area in recent weeks, with people travelling there from neighbouring towns including Warrington.

Yesterday evening, Friday, police were called to the lake to disperse large groups of youths who had gathered there and were drinking alcohol.

And now, police have issued a dispersal order which gives officers the power to ask a group of two or more people to leave if they are doing anything wrong.

Officers can also ask people to leave if they believe they may or are likely to cause a nuisance to other people and can prevent them from returning within 48 hours.

Northwich Police said: “Following incidents of ASB in the area, there is now a dispersal order in place at Pickmere Lake allowing officers to remove anybody engaging in anti-social behaviour.”

A statement by Knutsford Police added: “Please also be considerate of where you park if attending the lake.

“Positive action will be taken to vehicles causing obstructions.”

Officers were called to the area on Thursday after a car was blocked in due to inconsiderate parking.