COMMUNITIES across Cheshire appear to have become more comfortable visiting parks over the past month as lockdown measures have been eased.

New figures from Google show that in the week up to May 21, people spent 43 per cent more time in parks across Cheshire East than they usually do, and 34 per cent more than normal in Cheshire West.

The data covers the second week that lockdown restrictions had been eased in England.

One week earlier, parks were only six per cent busier than normal in Cheshire East, and one per cent busier than normal in Cheshire West.

In contrast, parks were 26 per cent quieter in Cheshire East and 30 per cent quieter in Cheshire West in the first week of lockdown back in March.

Google uses location data from phones and other personal devices to track trends in people's movement, and produces weekly reports of the results.

From Monday, June 1, groups of up to six individuals will be able to meet up in outdoor spaces – so long as social distancing is maintained.

But high-risk people who have spent more than two months shielding from coronavirus say they feel 'left behind and forgotten about' after being told their isolation may continue for 'several more months'.

Steven McIntosh, Macmillan Cancer Support policy director, said: “It’s simply not acceptable that they just get a message that they are going to have to continue to do this for some time longer, they need to understand what that means and what support is available.

“Macmillan is hearing from people who feel left behind and forgotten, who got a letter at the start of March telling them to stay in total lockdown, not to leave the house, not to see anyone, to protect themselves.

“They feel there has been a huge lack of communication to help them understand what lockdown means for them.”

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