MOBBERLEY Primary School is looking to have a huge sports day celebration in September to mark the completion of its school field revamp.

The school was limited in how much it could use of the field because it was so uneven.

However long-awaited work on rolling, levelling and reseeding the field is now taking place, thanks to fundraising by the school’s PTA and donations from parents.

PTA chairman Zoe Hargreaves said: “We were awarded £500 from Aviva in their community fund in January 2019, and then were awarded £4,000 from Morrisons Foundation in June 2019 for our school field works.

“We also did some internal fundraising, including auctioning a signed Manchester United Shirt, a red envelope week and a quiz night.

“The work was due to be completed last summer during the school holidays, but as the weather was so wet we were unable to have it done.

“We then hoped for a dry autumn, but that didn’t happen either. We planned for the works to be done in spring, and then as schools closed because of coronavirus we thought now would be a good time.

“The field was previously very uneven, and we were limited to how much of it we could use.

“Alistair Macleod, one of the school governors, has helped to co-ordinate the work, and Ross Yarwood, agricultural contractor, who is based in Cranage, has done the work for us.

“The field is virtually flat and so we will be able to use the entire field for a variety of sports.

Knutsford Guardian:

Damien Stenson with pupils in the field

“Mobberley Primary School encourages a wide variety of sports for all children, and so we are looking forward to being able to use the field again in September, hopefully when schools can return to normal.

“The children will be using the field for football, cricket, touch rugby, lacrosse and many more sports.

“We have also been awarded £1,000 from the Tesco Groundworks scheme which will enable us to buy new goalposts for the field.

Damien Stenson, headteacher said: “Thanks to our wonderful PTA and the generous donations of Mobberley parents, we have been able to raise enough money to invest in the school field.

“Hopefully, if we get favourable weather conditions, we will have a really good quality playing surface for all of our children to use come the autumn term.

“We hope the work done here will significantly improve the experience for generations of children coming through the school.

“Our field is extensively used for PE, games, sports fixtures and school events throughout the school year.

"We hope it will be something we are all very proud of.”