ESTHER McVey says she would resign if she was in Dominic Cummings' position.

The Conservative MP for Tatton has had her say on Prime Minister Boris Johnson's most senior advisor travelling 260 miles to Durham and back in lockdown.

Mr Cummings insisted on Monday that his circumstances were 'exceptional' and therefore the journey was within the rules.

But he has been roundly condemned by the public and politicians on both sides of the political divide – and Ms McVey says she 'fully appreciates' their position.

She said: "I have heard from a large number of constituents, many of whom have discussed their own personal experiences and sacrifices made, as well as that of their family and friends, during lockdown.

"Dominic Cummings has explained the events relating to his trip to Durham and why he took the actions he did.

"Given the many sacrifices people have made during this period, I fully appreciate many of my constituents take a different view, and feel so strongly about his actions, and I have conveyed that strength of feeling directly to the Prime Minister and other members of the Government.

"Whilst the future of Dominic Cummings is a matter for him and the Prime Minister – had I been in the same situation, I would have resigned my position."

Ms McVey's comments come after Fiona Bruce, Conservative MP for Congleton, said the public was entitled to feel 'badly let down' by Mr Cummings.

Some Conservative councillors have also criticised his actions.

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