IT has been one of the biggest talking points of the past week – and opinion in Knutsford and Wilmslow is divided.

Schools have now been closed to students apart from the children of key workers for two months.

Since the Government said they could start to reopen from June 1, councils and schools have made their own announcements on when children can return to the classroom.

Cheshire East Council has now revealed a plan to reopen primary schools in phases from June 15, Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School says it will not reopen until September and other schools are still to confirm their plans.

Guardian readers have given their opinion on our Facebook page over the past week – and now you can have your say in our poll.

Following CEC's announcement that some primary year groups would return bit-by-bit from next month, Heidi Sumner said: "A clear and measured response for a change. Plenty of room for watching how things work and progress.

"Plenty of sensible thinking and also an open mind for how the virus progresses through the next few weeks. Take your time people."

Opinion was divided over Holmes Chapel's announcement.

Charlotte Beardmore Beck said: "The schools are not closed. The staff are still working to provide home education for all the children and the vulnerable and key workers' children are still going in.

"I think there is a false understanding that both teachers and children are just sat enjoying the time off."

Marvin Hall added: "Tough times demand tough options. The kids will have to learn life's going to be hard for their generation. This will get them off on the right foot."

But Julie Nelson raised concerns for children struggling to learn at home whose 'confidence is dropping'.

She said: "What about those in year 10 with no chance to catch up before their GCSE'S next year?"

Helen Turner added: "So what’s the plan in the meantime? And what’s the plan long term to recover the time lost?"

And after the headteacher of Bexton Primary stressed that children's safety is paramount last week, readers raised concerns over the return of schools.

Sue Addison said: "The final decision is down to the parents. They can decide if they want to send their children to school now or wait until September."

Tammy Bailey suggested that we still 'don't understand this virus well enough' to risk sending people back to school just yet.

"Previously unknown aspects and effects of this disease are cropping up regularly and so caution is key," she said.

The youngest kids just can’t and won’t keep their distance, especially in nurseries. Teachers and assistants will be risking their own and their families health as we currently don’t really understand transmission through children either

"I 100 per cent agree that we can’t stay in lockdown forever, but trying to open up the economy by sending the youngest back so childcare is effectively taken care of is not the right decision."

Rick Dawson added: "The parents need some confidence restored, a detailed plan of what measures are to be put in place must be forwarded to each parent in order for them to make a decision.

"It’s a very tough choice, for obvious reasons I personally feel it is to soon. Especially for the ages talked about as it would be be nigh on impossible for them to social distance."

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