STYAL Golf Club is among the courses to reopen across England today, Wednesday.

Going into the first day of action since the UK lockdown on March 23, club officials urged players to act responsibly in light of the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

In safety instructions posted online by the club it says: "The Government has allowed us to play our game.

"Golf is now being watched. Don't let them take it back off us. Please act responsibly."

In similar reopening circumstances to other clubs, and until notified otherwise, members and visitors to Styal Golf Club must book tee-times in advance and adhere to all directives issued by the club and those passed down by the Government and the national body over the sport.

"Styal Golf Club is asking golfers not to call in 'on spec' for a game," it says in the details.

Other changes include players staying at least two metres away from each other at all times, washing or sanitising hands regularly, no touching of anything on the course including flags on the holes, no sharing of buggies, clubs, balls and any other equipment.

Players can go round on their own, or with up to two members of their household, or with one person from outside of their household while respecting the social distancing measures.

Styal Golf Club says their guidelines, which are available via their Facebook page, must be read in full before playing. The details can be found HERE.

England Golf have issued caution to all those looking to return to action.

"It is important to stress that this remains an extremely difficult situation throughout the UK and we are acutely aware that many lives have been lost to the Covid-19 pandemic," says a statement.

"The effects of the virus will continue to be felt for a long time to come.

"As a sport we must work together to resume play responsibly. We must ensure that the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved from golfers, to club staff and greenkeepers is maintained at all times.

"Golf clubs and golfers have observed the lockdown very well and must keep it up and act responsibly as play resumes."

The statement adds: "We recently provided documents giving guidance on operations and resuming play and golf clubs should consider this carefully as they restart their businesses.

"The pandemic has already had a substantial impact on golf clubs and venues and the focus will soon turn to trying to recover from the crisis. As a group we will continue to do all we can to provide support and guidance in that effort."