HOLMES Chapel resident Ian Moore faces renewed opposition from villagers to his latest bid to win permission for a bungalow on land off Bramhall Drive, Holmes Chapel.

Mr Moore lives at 1 Beeston Close, and the vacant land earmarked for the bungalow is adjacent to an access to woodland to the north of the site along with part of the rear garden to 1 Beeston Close.

The latest application is a resubmission of a scheme refused by Cheshire East Council in February because of the loss of land providing access to the Dane Valley Meadow recreation area.

The application was opposed by dozens of residents and Holmes Chapel Parish Council, which recently sought the views of villagers on a possible bid to have the area of open land given village green protection.

A report with the latest application by Mr Moore said: “The proposals have evolved following the comments of the local planning authority on the previous submissions to reduce any impact on any areas of public open space or the adjacent public footpath.

“The design and materials of the proposed new bungalow have taken their inspiration from 1 Beeston Close and other surrounding buildings to create a sensitive development which would look in keeping with the Bramhall Drive street scene.”

However the latest application has attracted 16 letters of opposition since April 9, 10 of them being submitted yesterday (Monday).

One of the residents objecting said: “This grassy area was designed to provide an attractive and appropriate access point to Cotton Wood and the Dane Meadow. Why would the community agree to it being built on?

“Mr Moore seems to have regard neither for green space nor the wishes of the community.

“It has been proved to him time and again that a significant number of people are prepared to spend time writing an objection - and not just neighbours, but the wider community who value the green space.”

Another resident said: “Since this application is just a re-hash of the many previous applications on this site, the planning officer should also take into account the hundreds of previous objections made by the public.”

Another added: “Any sort of development in this area would be totally unsuitable and detrimental to this green space as evidenced from the overwhelming number of letters of objection from the residents of Holmes Chapel and beyond.”

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The deadline for comments on the application, reference 20/1262C, on the Cheshire East Council planning portal, is May 13.

A resident from the Bramhall Drive estate said: “Already the objections from residents are mounting up on the Cheshire East Council planning website.

“Some residents have also posted their own notices close to the site to make other people aware and to encourage them to submit comments.”