ACTION group members are helping to support villagers through the coronavirus lockdown.

Residents formed the Bug-Off Action Group in Chelford, with 12 co-ordinators each responsible for a designated patch of the village.

The group is led by pre-school assistant Daphne Whiles, and works closely with Connecting Chelford.

Daphne said: “Between us every home in the village received a point of contact to call upon should they require assistance with anything from urgent supplies, medication collected/delivered or just a friendly phone call.

“We've had contact with Chelford Together, and have an ongoing relationship with village retailers, who we are in regular contact with and who kindly display information relating to our group, acting as a collection point should anyone wish to volunteer their services.

“This has resulted in a bank of almost 60 volunteers, supporting their area co-ordinator, to fulfil any requests.

“Some children in the village helped deliver our contact cards, drew rainbows, delivering some to elderly friends, neighbours and those self-isolating, decorated our footpaths with colourful chalk drawings and uplifting messages.

“A couple of co-ordinators have been batch cooking soups and broths, which have been frozen in individual portions; if you, or anyone you know, could benefit from this food offering, please get in touch.”

The group is working closely with the village surgery as a delivery service for those requiring their medication to be delivered, with each volunteer observing the latest guidance on PPE and safe distancing measures.

Links have also been developed with other villages/communities nearby, who are also operating similar action groups.

Daphne added: “As the magnitude of the current situation increases, more and more residents are reaching out, and the group is incredibly touched and proud of the community spirit which is bringing us together during such a challenging time.”

Should you wish to join, or require the services of the group, call Daphne on 07917 841 338/01625 860917 email