RACHEL Upton is excited and looking forward to her next day, learning from home.

Rachel features in the first edition of Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School's COVID-19 newsletter.

A school spokesman said: "Rachel is missing her friends, teachers and TAs, but with the help of technology she can keep in touch, learn and stay safe.

"Rachel’s learning is not all about science, English and maths.

"With the help of learning support, Mrs Guy and Miss Ross have created some bespoke activities so Rachel can learn while she plays, gaining life skills, knowledge and taking the pressure off parents that are working from home.

"She can’t wait to be back at school but in the meantime, it’s learning as normal."

The newsletter added: "It has been great to see some of our students and parents begin to show us some of the fantastic work that is being done from home via Twitter.

"We would like to encourage this as much as possible and it will really help us to stay connected as a community."