KNUTSFORD Town Council has put its ambitious traffic and parking plans for the town centre on the back burner because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Town clerk Adam Keppel-Green thanked the 658 people who had completed questionnaires in order to provide feedback to the town council on the draft traffic and parking proposals for the town centre in the recent consultation.

He said: “Volunteers on our town centre working group have analysed the data and have prepared an initial draft report which is being reviewed.

“A sizeable majority supported the proposals, with 58 per cent saying ‘Yes’ to the question – ‘Overall do you support this three-part scheme as a first step towards securing the future of Knutsford town centre?’

“Support for each of the three parts was even stronger; such as 77 per cent in favour of fewer cars parked on Top and Bottom streets, and enforcing the ‘no-parking’ regulations.

“Clearly, however, the sudden economic and social impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has changed things.

“The proposals, therefore, will remain dormant until the pandemic has passed and life settles into some new normality.”