PARENTS are being urged to ‘act with courage in the face of fear’ during the coronavirus pandemic.

The call comes from Chris Johnson, chairman of governors at Egerton Primary School.

Writing to parents on behalf of all of the school governors on the school’s website, he said: “We write to you in these unprecedented times.

“Each day seems to bring something new for us to deal with, whether that be new guidance from the government, the uncertainty of our jobs, the fear of someone coming down with a fever or the shock to see our supermarket shelves empty.

“These are testing times for all of us. Egerton Primary School is doing all it can to provide your children with a quality education in this time of rapid change.

“We are paying close attention to the government's guidelines and working with KMAT to update our contingency plans as new information is distributed.

“Please be assured that our leaders, and staff, are working tirelessly to communicate clearly, and regularly, the latest information we have about Covid19.

“We are so thankful for the work done by the staff at Egerton. Our children are showing a remarkable resilience and maturity about this situation.

“It is up to us, now, to do the same. Let our children look back on this time in years to come and remember them as the days when we set our differences and preferences aside and looked out to the need of others. Let us act with courage in the face of fear.”