HOLMES Chapel Partnership project officer Peter Whiers is suggesting a landscaped meeting point in the village with seating for up to a dozen people.

Peter said: “What started as a project to look at the provision of a Youth Shelter in Holmes Chapel has progressed to the point where we are looking at a wider need in the village.

“The Youth Council survey informed us on where and when the youth in the village would be most likely to use a shelter, which was in the precinct and at the community centre, which they would use after school, in the holidays and at weekends.

“The provision of a ‘Youth Shelter’ in the precinct would be expensive and controversial, so I believe a compromise solution is what we need.

“If we consider the needs of the village more widely, it is true to say that we have no central meeting point where a group of friends can sit and have a chat.

“The provision of an attractive landscaped meeting point with seating for up to a dozen people would meet the needs of our youth, families and the not so youthful, particularly during school hours.

“In regard to provision at the Community Centre, I was interested to see that someone posted on Facebook that Holmes Chapel needs a skatepark.

“It was pointed out that we already have one at the Community Centre. This was a joint project between the parish council and the Holmes Chapel Partnership, opened in April 2017.

“However, if you have ever visited the skatepark, you will know that it is located in an area with no shelter from the elements.

“To respond to the need identified in the Youth Council survey and the Holmes Chapel Neighbourhood plan, a Youth Shelter adjacent to the skatepark would I believe, make a visit to the skatepark for an hour or two much more attractive.”