GOOSTREY Parish Council has thanked everyone who responded to its letter regarding the possible purchase of 6.4 acres of railway sidings land at Station Road.

The council sent out 980 letters, and although the time to reply was only one week it received 616 replies, a third of the total electorate of Goostrey parish.

A total of 542 votes (88%) were in favour of making an offer, and 73 votes (12%) voted against.

Parish council clerk Sharon Jones said: “The parish council had an in-depth discussion on the outcome of the vote and reviewed all the individual comments that were submitted. The benefits and risks were also considered.

“As a result, it was decided to make an offer which was felt to be both realistic and within the financial limit given in the survey letter.

“Unfortunately, we have now been informed by the land agents that they have received and accepted a ‘significantly higher’ offer and therefore we have been unsuccessful in purchasing the land.

“We don’t have any information at this time on who is the purchaser or their intentions for the land.

“We very much appreciate the high level of interest that the community has shown in this initiative and thank you again for all the responses.”