A MOBBERLEY craft beer producer is among Cheshire's independents fighting back to stay in business in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

James Roberts has had to close his two Project 53 bars in Knutsford and Stockport due to the lockdown and income at his brewery – Mobberley Brewhouse – has been dramatically cut as he can no longer supply pubs in the north west and further afield.

This has put at risk the former Mobberley Primary School pupil's 23 members of full time staff that he is 'fiercely passionate' about protecting.

He said: "Our main goal is to come out the other side of this period with the exact same team of people we went into it with.

"I have been very stubborn and will continue to focus all my efforts on not letting any of our staff go, this also applies to Project 53 – even though we have now closed both of our tap rooms."

To help the business survive, James has launched a zero contact direct delivery service which covers a 300 square mile area around the north west which is free for orders over £25.

You can get fresh cans from the brewery's cold store or even cask beer boxes, gin or cider. James is reaching out to smaller Cheshire breweries to offer to sell online for them too.

Knutsford Guardian:

Mobberley Brewhouse has also introduced 'beer bonds' to create income and reward loyal customers at the same time.

Each beer bond works like a gift voucher but increases in value by five per cent every month for a maximum of 20 months.

The bonds can be redeemed in the online shop at any point but the longer you wait, the more you earn.

James added: "The support we have received so far has been genuinely overwhelming, we are incredibly grateful.

"The volume of orders we have received through our online shop has been crazy, but we are well equipped to get everything delivered same day or within 24 hours.

"We will continue to do everything we can to support our community and keep ourselves afloat through what is a very difficult period for everyone."

To place an order go to mobberleybrewhouse.co.uk/onlineshop. Mobberley Brewhouse beers are also also available on the online shop of Manchester craft beer giant Cloudwater at shop.cloudwaterbrew.co

We also contacted Tatton Brewery in Knutsford which is reviewing its collection and home delivery services following the Prime Minister's lockdown announcement on Monday