KNUTSFORD Talking Newspaper has come up with a series of solutions to enable recordings to continue during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Knutsford Guardian is recorded every Thursday by a group of 50 volunteers so that anyone who cannot read the local paper can keep in touch with local events.

Clive Howlett, chairman of the Knutsford Talking Newspaper, said: “Our listeners look forward to, and will value the service more than ever, during the current difficulties.

“Having access to the local news is extremely important to them and very much appreciated. Our volunteers have been looking at ways they can continue recording during the COVID-19 crisis. Our priority is to deliver the recordings for as long as possible, and most importantly keep our volunteers safe.

“We will be operating with a smaller number of readers to comply with the government’s social distancing guidelines. Husband and wife and mother and daughter teams have volunteered to record the paper so they are only in contact with people they are with anyway.

“All the necessary hygiene facilities have been provided in the recording studio to ensure we comply with Public Health England guidelines. “

If you know anyone who cannot read the paper, they are entitled to Talking Newspaper completely free and without any commitment.

Contact Lorelly Wilson If you would like to volunteer the group would be glad to hear from you.