HOLMES Chapel Comprehensive School is to provide the venue for up to 60 children of key workers.

The Key Workers Club will operate from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday, and will be staffed by employees of the school on a voluntary basis.

Headteacher Denis Oliver said on the school’s website: “The governors, leadership team and all our staff appreciate the need for us to support key workers, like NHS frontline staff for example, to be able to carry out their roles unimpeded.

“Like other schools, HCCS has been asked to set up a facility on the school site to help key workers, essential to our nation's response to this pandemic, to be able to carry on working when they would ordinarily not be able to secure adequate child care arrangements.

“The scheme is not about recreating school on a smaller scale or trying to continue to deliver the school’s normal curriculum.

“Our staff will provide a safe and stimulating environment for a limited number of children each day and will continue to work within the key principles set down by the country's Chief Medical Officer.

“The scheme is based on providing a safe environment for up to 60 children per day. The staffing will include a mixture of staff from across all staffing groups.”

Mr Oliver said the pandemic posed ‘the greatest threat to our country since the Second World War, and the measures we must take in order to get through this outbreak are unprecedented’.

He said: “The answer to this pandemic is one based in the reduction of social interaction rather than medicine.

“All the current steps being taken to control the spread of this disease involve the reduction in opportunities for people to come into close contact with others.

“The safety of everyone in our school community is our number one priority.

“We will, as a school, do everything we can to reduce the need for students or staff to have face to face interaction.

“We will support those who need to take special precautions because of individual or family risk factors.

“We are also supportive of those who need to isolate themselves or their families if they become unwell.”