SISTERS Claudia and Gabriella Boardman are helping to highlight the importance of staying at home to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Claudia, 10, and six-year-old Gabriella, from Knutsford, are pupils at Egerton Primary School, and made posters to respond to a hospital tweet and to display in their windows.

Their mum Helen said: “We’d seen a Twitter post from North Manchester General Hospital Infectious Disease team stressing the importance of staying at home, and had the idea of making the posters to send back as a reply to the tweet.

“The girls really enjoyed designing and making them, and we have also have put them on display in our windows at home.

“Looking at the picture of the doctors and their message has helped the girls understand why we they are not at school and are staying home instead.

“Claudia said to me last week, ‘Mummy, do you think because of this virus it will make us all take better care of each other?,’ and I thought that was such a positive sentiment, it’s really stuck with me.

“It is important to keep taking positive action, however small, so my children feel they are doing as much as they can to make a difference and show our respect for everyone and the situation we are all in.”