TOFT Cricket Club will use their showcase CricketForce event later this month to connect with the Knutsford community.

The club’s players as well as volunteers from across the town will be joined by two England internationals and other special guests as they set about completing projects that will spruce up their Chelford Road ground and make the place even more welcoming for visitors ahead of the new season.

Improving a path, creating disabled parking, planting trees, building a children’s play area, and refurbishing the cricket nets under the spotlight of media interest are on the agenda on Friday, March 27, after being chosen for special attention by the England Cricket Board.

Club captain Jimmy Lomas said: “This is massive for the club.

“It’s one of those days that happen for a very select number of clubs and we’re very fortunate to have been chosen this year.

“We’re hoping that it will bring everyone together, and top up on how well the club came together last year on the back of our T20 run.

“Now it’s something else for the club to come together for and galvanise us running into the start of the season.”

He added: “The main focus of the day is welcoming all members of the Knutsford community down to the ground, not only on the day but then building on those relationships going forward so throughout the season those people will come and visit the ground more often.

“The fire service will be there, the Mayor will be there, we’re trying to bring together 75 volunteers from across the Knutsford community and hopefully 30-plus players and supporters.

“We’d also welcome any suggestions from people of expertise who think could help out on the day, or whether they just want to come down and get involved.

“We will have free breakfast and lunch provided. Tatton Perk will be there for coffee and refreshments.

“So we’ve got some brilliant support behind us already, and with numerous sponsorship opportunities available for businesses we’re open to any ideas.”

Clubs across the country hold a CricketForce day every year, preparing their grounds for the season.

“And then every year the ECB select one or two clubs that they call their showcase club,” said Lomas.

“And with that club they put a lot of backing into it, not just financial.

“The aim is to get through projects you’ve been thinking of doing and never had chance to do.

“We’ve identified four main mini projects that we want to get done.

“It’s a massive day for us. It’s a really exciting way to start the season, it gets everyone behind the club ready for the year to go.

“The day is about community, and that’s what we’re trying to get across.”

Work will start on the projects from around 8am with the aim of being finished early to mid-afternoon.

Turn up on the day or offers of support can be expressed in advance to club chairman Nigel Muirhead at or Toft’s event organiser Ed Stubbs at

Lomas explained a little more about the projects the club will be focusing on completing.

“We will be improving the pathway from the car park to the clubhouse,” he said.

“The path isn’t in great shape and we have an opportunity to sort it.

“We’ve found a member of the Knutsford community willing to come down and help us on the day and provide the materials for that and he will do it for us.

“He will also build a disabled parking bay next to it, which we don’t currently have.

“Project number two is planting some trees around the ground. With our proposed new pavilion, there will be some trees that may need to be taken down and so the project is to counter that.

“There’s been talk of planting six to eight trees around the ground, some near the pavilion, some on the other side of the ground and some near the car park.

“That project’s being run by our Taverners side, our friendly side who play on a Thursday night and raise money for charities in the local community. They play every Thursday in the summer against businesses, charities, anyone who wants a game of cricket.

“Project number three, by the same company that’s doing the pathway, they’re going to build a woodland play area for children.

“Project four is the extensive refurbishment of our nets. The old nets are going to get taken off, the new ones put on, they will get fastened down better, and there’ll be a slight focus on increased health and safety with that as well, and hopefully some sponsored banners around it. This will make it more aesthetically pleasing and a bit safer.

“A potential fifth project of building on our outdoor barbecue area is still to be decided upon whether we can do that yet.”