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This week the focus is on Knutsford Golf Club professional Tim Maxwell, who played football for Macclesfield Town, won badminton events when he was younger and has coached Manchester United players on the skills of playing golf.

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Date of Birth: 06/05/71

Place of birth: Macclesfield

Area I live: Ollerton, Knutsford

Schools/colleges/uni: All Hallows Macclesfield, Loughborough University – sport science and physical education BSc

Occupation: Golf professional at Knutsford Golf Club

Previous clubs: Macclesfield, Prestbury, Mottram Hall

Honours: Cheshire professional matchplay champion 1996, 1997, 2001, 2002, 2017; Manchester Alliance matchplay champion 1997, 1999, 2000, 2005; won over 60 professional events; appointed golf coach to Manchester United players by Sir Alex Ferguson 1998-2008

Knutsford Guardian:

When did you first start playing golf and what attracted you to it?

When I was 13 my dad started to play. He was a schoolteacher at my school so we used to hit balls on the school field at the end of the day. I was hopeless but hit the odd good shot which got me hooked…

What do you enjoy most about working at Knutsford Golf Club?

Running the junior section with my wife Suzy and watching the juniors develop friendships and confidence on the golf course. We try and promote a relaxed environment where the children learn through play rather than intense coaching. They need to enjoy themselves to improve! We have an expanding junior section thanks to the amazing support of Knutsford members who sponsor events throughout the summer and even provide funding for the junior team uniform which is brilliant.

Knutsford Guardian:

What’s been the highlight of your sporting days so far?

Practising bunker shots with Seve (Ballesteros) in a European tour event at Slaley Hall in 1998

What’s the worst injury you’ve had and what was the rehab like?

I have a bad back so I am constantly stretching and using the excellent Cottons Hotel gym, hot tub and swimming pool to stay loose and flexible.

Is there a sport you haven’t tried but think you might be good at, and why?

I haven’t played much tennis but the techniques are pretty similar so I should be half decent.

What advice would you offer to a youngster starting to play golf?

Enjoy yourselves and join a club with your mates or with plenty of juniors. Don’t let your parents coach you or give you any advice as this is so often a recipe for disaster!

Who would you say is England’s greatest ever golfer and why?

Nick Faldo. He gave 100% to his golf game. The story goes that his wife phoned him up and asked him where he was as friends had arrived for dinner. He told her he couldn’t make it as he was practising a new move on his backswing – brilliant!

Who has had the most influence on you in golf and in what way?

My Sport psychologist Bader Khan who taught me to really enjoy being in a winning position. A very wise man who I still speak to regularly.

What’s your aims in golf?

To qualify for the Seniors British Open when I turn 50 next year!

Tell us something nice about one of your members

There are so many great people at Knutsford golf Club. Well over 20 members sponsor events in the junior section. Eddie Ellis (JP and Brimelow estate agents, Chorlton) and Richard Massey (Massey Feeds, Holmes Chapel) are two great guys who generously pay my tournament expenses so I can still compete throughout the year.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen in golf?

You can’t beat it when a member loses control of his electric trolley and it ends up in a pond. Ive seen it three times and is always a golfing classic.

What do you find to be the most difficult aspect of participating in golf?

I miss my family when I am away from home running or playing in events overseas. I’m not sure if they miss me though…

Knutsford Guardian:

If you could pluck any player from the elite level of golf to play in your team who would it be and why?

Bernard Langer. Such a great professional who has made the most of his ability and kept his hunger for the game even after 40 years on tour.

Which team do you support and what’s been your favourite moment watching them?

Manchester United’s treble season takes some beating. Its always great watching the European Ryder Cup team beat the Americans. It is amazing that Greame McDowell and Tommy Fleetwood have attended our junior presentation nights over the past 4 years.

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Who’s your sporting hero or heroes and why?

Seve. He had so much charisma and natural flare. I wanted to be as good as him but failed miserably.

What are your best qualities in golf?

I’m always really positive and never give up. I can putt pretty well on my day.

What other sports have you played and what were your achievements?

I played football for Macclesfield Town under 11s but was far too slow to progress. I won the East Cheshire badminton mixed doubles events when I was at school but to be fair I had a very good partner and there weren’t many competitors!

If you could change one rule in golf what would it be and why?

Slow players on the tour should be fined as it filters through to the amateur game and makes it less enjoyable for all.

What’s been the most memorable event/match you’ve participated in and why was it so memorable?

I nearly qualified for the Open at my first attempt and it dawned on me that I could compete at a decent level with a lot of hard work.

Tell us something about you that the club’s members wouldn’t know?

I was quite small and still off a 20 handicap when I turned 17 years old but then I grew and could hit the ball further and something clicked.

Do you have a set routine in terms of preparation on a match day?

I always try and arrive an hour early to give myself plenty of time to stretch and hit some golf balls on the range to warm up.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

To enjoy playing and express yourself on the course

What’s the worst part of training for you?

Not eating chocolate

What would you say is the easiest part of playing golf?

Being out in the fresh air with friends in beautiful surroundings

If you could choose to play golf at any venue in the world, where would it be and why?

It would have to be Augusta National golf course in Georgia. That’s every golfer’s dream.

How much of your life does golf take up?

Only about six and a half days a week. I run golf events every week, I also teach, play and run the junior section so I get very busy in the summer months!

What or who motivates you ahead of a match/event?

It used to be trying to earn money for my family but now I just want to play my best.

Do you have a motto that you follow in golf?

Never compromise.

What lessons for life have you learned through golf?

Anyone who cheats at sport ends up with very few friends!

When the time comes to retire from playing golf, do you think you would like to take up a different role in the sport?

I don’t play as much as I used to as it wasn’t paying the bills. I now get lots of satisfaction running golf events and watching others enjoy this great game

Would you rather hit a hole-in-one and lose a match, or play badly and win?

I have been lucky enough to have had 9 hole in ones in my career. I am now very happy to play badly and win.

Tell us about any other family members who are involved in sport?

My wife Suzy, daughter Ella and son James are all members at Knutsford Golf Club. Ella and I always team up against Suzy and James. The current match score is 22 wins each! My wife goes quiet when we beat her.

What would you say to somebody to recommend them to golf and to your club?

Golf is so important to physical and mental health you have to start playing!! Loneliness and obesity are two problems that players at Knutsford Golf Club rarely suffer from. I am running some ladies ‘Get into golf’ classes in April at just £5 a person. Anyone is very welcome to come along. We have lots of terrific members who will make you feel very welcome and the golf course is a real gem.

What have been the benefits to you by playing golf?

I used to be a bit shy but mixing with such a great variety of people has given me lots of confidence. I also hate being inside so I get plenty of fresh air.

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