PARENTS say their children flourish in the ‘magical’ Montessori school, The Little House at Lower Peover.

The nursery school earned an outstanding rating from Ofsted in every area looked at during an inspection last month.

The inspection report said children at the school were exceptionally independent and confident, and had ‘beautiful manners.’

The owner was passionate about her work, it added, and parents praised the school.

The report said: “The owner has a very experienced and well-qualified team of staff who have worked with her for a long time and share the same philosophy.

“A large number of parents strongly and compellingly explained why this setting is, in their view, outstanding and has been a wonderful place for their children to start their education.

“They describe their children as flourishing academically in this 'magical place'. Their children are eager to learn with the 'incredibly knowledgeable, professional and caring staff team'.

“Children are introduced to a rich set of experiences. The staff draw on the skills of parents and past, now adult, pupils to develop children's understanding of cultures and professions.

School owner Miss Su Su said: “We are once more delighted to have an Outstanding Ofsted, and it is lovely that respect, manners and courtesy were highlighted by the inspector.

“The children at The Little House are taught to be kind, caring, tolerant and respectful, good manners are a very important part of our school life.

"We aim to generate security, trust and independence in the child, as well as encouraging them to be polite, considerate and kind."