VOLUNTEERS are being sought to help plant hundreds of trees at the Dane Meadow on Saturday, March 21.

The planting is being organised by Holmes Chapel Partnership, and if you would like to help meet at the picnic tables in the Dane Meadow at 10am.

Partnership chairman Hazel Sutcliffe said: "The trees will not be big and they will be bare-rooted, so it won’t be a case of digging a big hole for each tree, just a slit in the earth to tuck the roots into.

"A spade would be useful for this. We have potentially 400 trees. How long it takes to plant them depends on how many people turn out.

"Planting 500 plug plants in the wildflower meadow took less than two hours because we had lots of volunteers.

"This will take a bit more effort as we are planting the trees on a slope, but let’s hope it’s not raining and we can get lots of people out there to join in.

"There are a number of people who would like to sponsor a tree or dedicate a tree to someone. Once we have the trees planted we will arrange for labels to be printed with your messages."

Contact Hazel via hcpartnership.org.uk if you want to help, email hazel.sutcliffe@hcpartnership.org.uk or phone/text 07884 211859