WALKERS using the footpath and bridleway off Station Road, Goostrey, have been saddened to see a wildlife feature provided by local Guides had been wrecked.

The containers they planted out several months ago with snowdrops as part of the village's Wilding scheme had been smashed beyond repair.

It appears the damage was possibly not an act of malicious vandalism but may well have been caused by a vehicle driven carelessly along the route.

Tyre marks among the remains of the scattered containers indicate a vehicle was the most likely cause.

Kathy Garratt, who regularly uses the path to exercise her dog, posted pictures of the shattered containers.

"This happened overnight and I was saddened by the sight and so sorry for Goostrey Guides whose hard work has been destroyed," she said.

Now, it is hoped whoever was responsible will be spirited enough to restore the containers and replant the snowdrops.