HOLMES Chapel residents will pay no more than at present for the year from April for services provided by the parish council.

At this month’s council meeting it was agreed there would be no increase to the precept for 2020/21.

Parish council clerk Tina Cartlidge said: “It was agreed that whilst in recent years there has been a steady increase in the precept to allow the council to deliver the local services and village improvements expected, this year would differ in respect of the growth of the village on all sides in recent months.

“The amount per property therefore remains at £82.41 per year for a band D property, raising a total precept for the council of £233,150.

“We are looking to fund a range of projects next year, which include a fresh look to Church Walk and the provision of play equipment at the Strathmore Close amenity land, whilst continuing to provide regular services such as Christmas lights, floral displays in the village centre and the provision of the community centre.”