PRIMARY school children are to wear yellow next week for a fundraiser to help a community whose school was destroyed in the Australian bush fires.

Clifton Creek Primary School in Victoria was burnt to the ground by wildfires which have been sweeping through the country since September, killing 28 people and destroying 2,500 homes.

Next Tuesday year 6 young leaders at Mobberley Primary School are hosting an Action for Australia fundraiser to raise money and awareness about the bush fires, with the focus on donating to an appeal for Clifton Creek.

The Mobberley school will also use some of the money to become a Koala Protector via the WWF website.

The children are invited to wear an item of yellow with their school uniform, to remind them of the national flower of Australia and the colour worn by the Australian sports teams.

Knutsford Guardian:

Image courtesy of  Adam Dederer/WWF-Australia

For the children to get a sense of the perseverance of the Australian people in rescuing animals pupils will work in class teams to carry the weight of a koala around the playground.

Young leaders will be holding buckets at the start and the end of the day near the entrances to collect any loose change, and there will be a fun I’m a Celebrity-style box challenge.

Knutsford Guardian:

Clare Kozyra, year 6 teacher and Young Leaders co-ordinator, has written to parents and carers seeking support for the fundraiser, the money raised from which will go to

The gofundme page says: "A week ago Clifton Creek Primary School was razed to the ground by the violent unrelenting fires in Australia. This school is vital to this small rural community in Victoria.

"Not only the school - business were lost and family houses destroyed. People have lost their lives.

"What these little guys in Clifton Creek were doing in their community through learning was nothing short of staggering. Let’s help them get back to where they were. Let’s help the people of this community.

"Clifton Creek Primary School is a small rural school, established in 1911, which is a 20-minute drive from Bairnsdale in East Gippsland, Victoria and 300 kilometres east of Melbourne.

"They had a secret garden, a chook pavilion, veggie gardens and frog bog. Learning was enhanced through a mates program and tuckshop/toastie/taco Tuesdays run entirely by the students.

"They held an annual Kids & Blokes evening, Mother’s Day Dinner and end of year concert. They develop and implement shared philosophies and educational goals.

"There are many many affected people out there. Many have lost their lives, some their homes and all possessions. Family histories gone. 

"I realise there are major charities and disaster funds but 100% of funds, goods and services will be given directly to this community through the money raised here.

"The school is currently setting up a bank account to hold their funds received. Please offer whatever you can.

"I already have support from some north west England primary schools whose students will be writing letters and filling boxes for each child."

The WWF-UK office has it’s own dedicated emergency fundraiser