VILLAGERS are being invited to help with tree planting in the Dane Meadow.

The invitation comes from Holmes Chapel Partnership, which said it had been in touch with the Woodland Trust, which was happy to supply the group with trees, which would be delivered in March.

A partnership spokesman said: “Before then we need to clear some undergrowth in order to be able to plant the trees, which will be bare-rooted saplings.

“If you would like to get involved in the clearing and planting, please get in touch via the website or email

“We are also looking into a labelling system so that those of you who have expressed a wish to sponsor and dedicate a tree will be able to do so.

“If you haven’t yet registered an interest but would like to, Teresa McFarquar is noting names of interested parties so that we can keep you updated of progress – please contact her via the Partnership website.

“The new waste bin by the picnic tables is being well used. We have volunteers to empty it each week – well, a few people kindly allowed their arms to be twisted!

“They carry the full rubbish sack and leave it by the bin next to the Viewing Platform on Daresbury Close to be collected – so many thanks to them.

“Comments so far have all been very positive – people really feel it’s making a difference to the amount of litter and the way the Meadow looks.

“With all the rain over the past few weeks the lower path next to the river was flooded on several occasions and had accumulated layers of mud which made it almost impassable. The parish council arranged for Duttons to come and raise the path and resurface it – the result is a new section of path, so you won’t need your wellies any more.”