A KNUTSFORD hiker has captured magnificent images of a rare weather phenomenon, labelled a 'rainbow halo'.

Adrian Conchie, 39, was walking on a fell in the Lake District when he looked down and clocked the spectacular display, known as the Brocken spectre.

The dad-of-one has described the moment, which took place around 11.30am on New Year's Eve, as 'magical' and 'absolutely incredible'.

Knutsford Guardian:

According to the Met Office, the Brocken spectre appears when a person stands above the upper surface of a cloud – on a mountain or high ground – with the sun behind them.

"When they view their shadow the light is reflected back in such a way that a spooky circular 'glory' appears around the point directly opposite the sun," a Met Office spokesman said.

Adrian, who runs an engraving business in Knutsford, was on an 11-mile hike at Swirl How near Coniston when the Brocken spectre appeared to him.

Knutsford Guardian:

He said: "I had always wanted to see one after seeing pictures online and hearing about how amazing they are from friends.

"When we got to the summit I looked down and there it was – it was so vivid.

"I thought it would disappear there and then but it stayed for a few minutes, it was a really magical experience."

Knutsford Guardian:

Miraculously Adrian and his friend Bryony stumbled upon another Brocken spectre later that day, up a nearby mountain called Wetherlam.