THE Knutsford branch of a canine company founded in 2000 to provide home from home dog care instead of kennelling is helping to celebrate the business’ 20th anniversary.

Owner-operator of Barking Mad Knutsford, Amanda Prentice, said: “As Barking Mad celebrates its 20th anniversary our proudest achievement is the happiness which holidaying dogs have brought to the lives of our host families.

“We match friendly dogs to hosts’ preferences and lifestyle, for their holidays and short breaks. It’s ideal for retirees, home-based workers and teachers in school holidays.

“We take care of everything, including chauffeuring dogs to our hosts’ homes with all their essentials and providing 24/7 support.

“Hosts experience all the benefits of dog companionship without any of the emotional or financial responsibilities of full-time pet ownership.”

Jennifer Davies has been a ‘host’ dog sitter for Barking Mad for almost 14 years.

She said: “The best thing about hosting is unconditional love. I always get a lovely good morning greeting with lots of tail wagging and am much fitter.

“My first doggy visitors were Todd and Jazz, two salukis. In the evenings, Jazz would curl up by my feet and Todd would be beside me with his head on my shoulder, gazing into my eyes. I was totally hooked – who wouldn’t be?

“I have a son who lives in Guernsey who I visit regularly, and I like going on holidays with my friends.

“If I had my own dog this would make things more complicated. With Barking Mad I have all of the pleasure and none of the expense or worry about what would happen if I became unwell.”

To find out about becoming a Barking Mad host call 01565 760165, 015242 20202 or visit