CHESHIRE Police is seeking volunteers for a scheme which aims to support young teenagers.

TWISTA Connect is being launched at Knutsford Academy on Wednesdays, between 1pm and 3pm, term time only.

A police spokesman said: “By helping the younger citizens of the area, you can help them achieve the goals they want by guiding them along the way.

“This will help them get more focus on the things they need and may even be able to start hobbies with your help to keep them busy after school, therefore, keeping away from trouble.

“Many young teenagers don’t have the support they need from home and friends to achieve what they want, which encourages them to give up.

“You can give them this support by meeting once a week in a local school to help them through what they want.

“Sometimes all a young person needs is somebody to speak to who isn’t at home or school.

“Someone they feel they can confide in without being judged, somebody who will listen to what they have to say.

“This won’t take up much of your spare time; two hours per week is all it takes to make somebody's life better.

“If you take part in TWISTA connect you also will be given the support you need.

“This will be six hours of quality training delivered by the Football Association which helps you become a good listener and deal with problems, before mentoring.

Once trained, you will be paired with a teenager best matched to you in terms of hobbies and interests.”

If you are over 18 and are interested in becoming a mentor register your interest at