SANTA will be calling at estates in and around Holmes Chapel over the next three weeks on his annual sleigh run.

The Santa Sleigh run is organised and managed by the Holmes Chapel Partnership, which is supported by many groups in the community who bring the sleigh to different estates each night.

A partnership spokesman said: “The sleigh teams try their best to get the sleigh close to each house, but sometimes narrow roads or too many parked vehicles make it impossible to get to your house.

“Even if we can drive down a cul-de-sac, we need quite a large area to turn the sleigh around.

“Residents can, therefore, help us by trying not to park cars or vans on the road if they can.

“Some of the newer estates are particularly difficult, so this year we have established some 'Santa will stop here' locations, where the sleigh will stop to allow children to visit Santa on his sleigh.”

If you want to know exactly where the sleigh is on any of the nights you can Track Santa. Just send a text to 07933 617016, sending the message G123456#.

If you are out or have no cash when the Santa sleigh calls you can now donate online at justgiving/crowdfunding/hcsantasleigh

The sleigh runs are scheduled to start at 5.30pm each evening and usually finish by 8pm. If the weather is bad or many children appear Santa can be a little delayed.

Santa will be making his first appearance in the village today (Sunday) at the Christmas Market, which runs from 4pm to 7pm.

Knutsford Guardian:

His sleigh run starts on Tuesday, December 3 on the Cottons Hall estate and Lakes estate, with Bridge the Gap acting as the sleigh team.

The rest of Santa’s schedule is as follows, with the date followed by the location and the sleigh team.

December 4, Goostrey West, Goostrey Scouts.

December 5, Goostrey East, Goostrey Scouts.

December 6, Brereton, Brereton Scouts.

December 7, Bluebell Green and Arclid, Holmes Chapel Photographic Society.

December 9, Westway, Holmes Chapel Pre-School.

December 10, Sandiford/London Road, Holmes Chapel Scouts.

December 11, Bramhall Drive, Holmes Chapel Guides.

December 12, West Hermitage and Saltersford Gardens, Viking Explorer Scout Unit.

December 13, East Hermitage: Elm Drive, Dane Sound Community Radio.

December 14, Holmes Chapel Aldi car park, 10am to 2pm.

December 16, Balmoral Drive and Selkirk, Holmes Chapel Tangent.

December 17, Rivers estate and Somerford, Holmes Chapel Scouts.

December 18, Portree, Holmes Chapel 41 Club.

December 19, Cranage and Allostock, Holmes Chapel Guides.

December 20, Pub Night 1, Sibelco and Holmes Chapel Partnership.

December 21, Pub Night 2, Sibelco and Holmes Chapel Partnership.

For more details visit the Holmes Chapel Partnership website.