MUSICIAN Eddie James has written a Christmas song about homelessness over Christmas to raise money for Helping Hands - Northwich in Need.

Eddie, 51, from Knutsford, wrote I Won’t Be Home for Christmas – A Time To Share with his best friend Max Farnon, who was previously a Knutsford resident and now lives in Pennsylvania.

The song was written, performed and recorded by Eddie, with the words by Max.

Eddie said: “The song was written and recorded at my home in Knutsford, and all profits from downloads and streaming will go to Northwich in Need.

Knutsford Guardian:

“I’m just trying to help out doing what I can. I am a private chef by trade but enjoy writing and recording music.

“Thanks to everyone who has downloaded so far. We get about 50p per download for Helping Hands - Northwich in Need, so it is totally worth it.”

The song is on Spotify and iTunes, and there is also a video on YouTube.