KNUTSFORD’S community groups are calling for a rethink for a planned roundabout on Mobberley Road at the junction of Parkgate Lane.

Chancerygate won approval from Cheshire East Council in July for 14 units at Parkgate Industrial Estate.

One of the conditions linked to the approval said before the development was occupied a detailed roundabout scheme for the Mobberley Road/Parkgate Lane junction should be submitted to Cheshire East Council and approved by the authority.

The approved roundabout scheme should also be completed before any building on the site was occupied.

The council’s highways department said on Friday that details had been submitted for the construction of the roundabout at the Mobberley Road/Parkgate Lane junction.

Officers said the submission accorded with the design package which had been assessed by the council, the scheme was acceptable and the roundabout condition could be discharged.

Despite backing for the scheme from highways officers the Knutsford Community Groups oppose the discharging of the condition.

Debbie Jamison, on behalf of Knutsford Residents in Over Ward, backed by South East Knutsford Community Association, South Knutsford Residents Group, North Knutsford Community Group, Nether Ward Community Group and Cycle Knutsford, said: “The design has not followed policy direction to prioritise and support walking and cycling to this site, which will form part of a housing site that will use the same access.

“The Knutsford Community Groups (KCGs) ask that the applicant revisit the design brief with the Cheshire East highways officer and the community, and submit a new scheme.

“Mobberley Road is a walk-to-school route and a well-used cycle route. It is signposted as such and diverts off-road at Middle Walk and across the Moor to the town centre and rail and bus stations.”

Debbie added that no comment had been recorded on the discharge application by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, and no plan had been submitted of how fire station access would be maintained during the construction period.

She said: “Should land on or around the fire station site be in the ownership of Cheshire East, an opportunity exists for improving cycle and pedestrian shared pathways widths and safety.

“One of the current challenges that requires improvement is provision for car parking for the shops, which has been ignored.

“The official bus stops are outside the Cheshire East recommended walking distance maxima from the development site.

“At present, the current fire station access provides an opportunity for request stops – this will be impossible with the proposed roundabout layout.

“No thought has been given to accommodating a new bus stop in the future.

“The pedestrian path has been reduced in places from its current width to provide more vehicle carriageway. It will become less attractive for pedestrians and with increased vehicle movements less safe on a narrower footway with no protection barrier.”