PLANS for an Italian restaurant in Canute Place, Knutsford, have sparked opposition from residents.

Marial Prota from Linea Verde Ltd in Altrincham has submitted an application to open the restaurant in premises which were last occupied by The Edit clothes shop.

The restaurant would cater for between 25 and 30 diners, and open between 9am and 10.30pm.

It would be a family-friendly restaurant, especially during lunch time and on Sundays.

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Mrs Prota has submitted an application to Cheshire East Council for prior approval for a change of use of the premises to a restaurant.

The application said the premises were situated in a mostly commercial area, with one restaurant 'just across the road and a couple of cafes situated not far away'.

The application said: "We do not anticipate any excessive noise or odour issues due to the nature of the restaurant."

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Comments on the application can be submitted on the council’s planning website until December 18.

The application has sparked dozens of objections on the website, 26 having been submitted yesterday, Thursday and today (Friday).

A resident from Church Road, Northwich said: "Another restaurant is not what Knutsford needs. My elderly parents live in Knutsford and it lacks shops that serve the residents, rather than the visitor. I believe we have reached a food saturation point."

A resident from Cranford Avenue, Knutsford, said: "There is an excellent, family-friendly, independent establishment offering an Italian menu opposite.

"Aren't we supposed to be supporting local independent businesses, not setting rivals against each other?"

A resident from Trouthall Lane, Plumley, said: "As a supplier to restaurants I know Knutsford already has plenty, and some are struggling with the saturation of the market."

A resident from Southfields, Knutsford, said: "The use of this property for an Italian restaurant opposite a locally-run small business, which is also an Italian restaurant, is ridiculous."

A resident from Oaklands Road, Ollerton, said: "How does replicating businesses so close to one another help to satisfy the town's development plan or encourage diversity within the town?"

A resident from Canute Place, Knutsford, said: "The proposed business will impact the existing business opposite selling very similar Italian-style food and run by a local family successfully for many years."

A resident from Warren Avenue, Knutsford, said: " I suggest something that isn't a carbon copy of every other restaurant in Knutsford, another shop at least, not another restaurant."

A resident from Twemlow Lane, Cranage, said: "Opposite this proposed planning is a well-established independent family restaurant and takeaway that has served homemade Italian food and being part of the Knutsford community for over 18 years.

"Small businesses and livelihoods are trying to survive, and we need to support our local community."