PUB in the Park organisers will not be staging their live music and Michelin-starred event at Knutsford in 2020.

Following two years at The Lambing Shed the event will be moving to a new venue.

Steve Lane, managing director of Pub in the Park, said: “After two enjoyable years of staging Pub in the Park in Knutsford the event will be moving on to a new destination for 2020.

“As everyone is aware, there have been a number of challenges locally which have made it tough to operate, and we’ve had to take the decision to move on to new locations.

“We are however committed to the Cheshire region, and are working on the development of a new format which we are hoping to announce in the new year.”

Knutsford Guardian:

The 2018 Pub in the Park was scheduled to take place on The Heath in Knutsford, but was switched to The Lambing Shed following opposition from residents to staging the event on The Heath.

A number of residents expressed concern about the choice of The Heath for the event because of its common land status.

Cheryl Carroll, event director for Pub in the Park 2018, said at the time: “We have listened to the concerns raised by neighbours of The Heath, and have worked with The Friends of the Heath, Knutsford Town Council and the Tatton Estate, which owns The Heath, and agreed we will move the venue for Pub in the Park this year.

“The Heath had originally been identified as an ideal central space at the heart of the town. However concerns have been raised by a few local residents about the use of this land.”

The organisers announced in May, a month before this year’s Pub in the Park, that it would finish at 7pm on the final day to reduce noise for residents living nearby.

Knutsford Guardian:

Knutsford Town Mayor Cllr Andrew Malloy said: "It's unfortunate that Pub in the Park won't be taking place in Knutsford next year, but I look forward to hearing about the new format returning to Cheshire.

“Of course we still have a great range of events taking place in Knutsford during 2020, not least the Music Festival, VE Day Street Party, Royal May Day, Beer Festival and the Great Race, to name a few.

"I went to both years of Pub in the Park. I enjoyed it, and lots of people I know who went did too."

Local businessman and former town councillor Jonathan Farber said: “Since the first announcement that The Pub in the Park coming to Knutsford, I was ecstatic.

"Knowing that it would bring about much welcomed 'new footfall' and tourist interest into the town from outside of the area, was just brilliant and I supported it publicly from the start.

"Everyone understood that it was a new event, was still evolving and adapting and gaining traction.

"There were challenges on its proposed and final location from residents, but in reality, of the many thousands who live here, only a small percentage were against the Pub in the Park.

"Numerous local supporters, local volunteers, festival goers and local businesses had begun to see the potential of the event.

"Before other diary dates are filled and other locations considered, I would like to meet with Brand Events and other local supportive stakeholders to discuss a plan of action in an attempt to retain it before writing Knutsford off."

Pub in the Park said on its website: “We had a blast at The Lambing Shed bringing together brilliant food, live music and Michelin-starred chefs.”

This year’s line-up included Fun Lovin' Criminals, Texas, Will Young and Soul II Soul Sound System.

Pictures by Jonathan Farber