ENGINEERS are keen to find a solution to fix two major roads that have been plagued by flooding this year.

Both the A555 near Handforth – which only opened to traffic last year – and the A34 near Alderley Edge have been forced to close following heavy downpours in July, August and October.

Paul Traynor, head of highways at Cheshire East Council, told the authority’s environment and regeneration overview and scrutiny committee on Monday that enhancement work is being considered for both roads to help solve the problem.

However, he insisted the work is ‘a process’ and that a solution is not imminent.

Mr Traynor said: “Both roads are designed to what is effectively your current design standard – a one in a 30 year storm – but what we have experienced this year has been way in excess.

“We are now looking to see what enhancement we can do to cope with this volume of water that needs to be discharged.”

Highways officers from CEC and Stockport Council have carried out surveys and assessments for the A555, while CEC officers have also looked at the A34.

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Any enhancements would either involve pumping excess water off the road or finding a new drainage solution.