PARENTS are being urged to ensure they are not obstructing roads or pavements around schools when they park.

The plea comes from Police Community Support Officer Liz Chesters, whose area includes Holmes Chapel, following a rise in obstructive parking.

She said there had been an increase in reports of vehicles double parking, blocking the pavements and abandoning cars on the yellow zig-zag lines.

“None of the above is acceptable, and if you are found to be in contravention of any of these you could be handed a fixed penalty notice of £30,” she said.

“We are very aware that parking outside our local schools has always been an issue raised by residents, and that the areas around our schools are perhaps not best suited to a high volume of cars to park.

“However we need your support urgently to ensure you are not obstructing roads or pavements around the schools.

“We are also looking to start our ‘junior safety officers’ project with the local primary schools.

“The junior officers will help us educate people who are parking dangerously and inappropriately.

As we start to see the weather turn colder and we have noticed frost, ice or snow in the area, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you to leave enough time in the morning before your journey to ensure your vehicle is fully defrosted and not left on the driveway unattended as it can only take a second for someone to take belongings from a vehicle – or the vehicle itself.

“We would recommend perhaps putting together your own winter car kit including a windscreen scraper, de-icer and ensure you have the necessary fluids to top up your car with.

“If you are interested in more of our activity please follow us on social media where we are able to speak directly to you as our community about incidents and crimes we are finding in the area.

“Please like our Facebook page ‘Dane Valley Police’ or follow our Twitter account ‘@DaneValleyPol’.

“Alternatively come along to speak to your local officers at Holmes Chapel community centre; there is no appointment needed as the meetings are a ‘drop-in’ session.”