PCSO Liz Chesters is asking people to respect the wishes of residents Bonfire Night who don’t wish to take part in Halloween or Bonfire Night.

PCSO Chesters, who covers the Dane Valley area, said: “We have attended these events previously in the last few years which have always been full of residents enjoying themselves, watching the fireworks.

“As the local policing unit we have to ensure we are making these events as safe as possible, as historically Cheshire Police receives an increase in calls relating to anti-social behaviour at this time of year.

“So we urge residents to ring us to report any incidents if necessary – do not suffer in silence.

“As always officers will be out in force in a bid to tackle any anti-social behaviour.

“We don’t want to stop people from having a good time, we want everyone to enjoy themselves.

“However we have to highlight that some people do not wish to participate when it comes to Halloween or Bonfire Night, and will more than likely have a sign in the window which states they do not wish to be disturbed – please respect their wishes.”