BUSINESSES are being asked to register as a water bottle refill station.

The call comes from the Dane Valley Environmentally Friendly Group.

A group spokesman said: “The current focus of our group is to try and reduce the use of single use plastics in our area.

“The statistics concerning the lifecycle of plastics are shocking, and it would be fantastic if more businesses could join in and help reduce the number of plastic bottles ending up in landfill.

“We are also very keen to hear from businesses and local organisations that are currently looking into sustainable alternatives to reduce their carbon footprint.

“Businesses are very welcome to join our Facebook page and find out more about changes they can make. It is full of useful information and ideas.

“Some suggested changes that can help businesses make a difference include using paper Instead of plastic bags or encouraging customers to bring their own, encouraging the use of reusable cups, using foil containers for takeaway food and selling more drinks in cans or glass bottles rather than plastic ones.”

To register as a water refill station please message the group through its Facebook Page.