VIRGIN Media is launching what it says is the UK’s fastest gigabit home broadband in Knutsford today (Tuesday).

The company says about 5,000 homes in the town will be able to benefit from gigabit speeds nearly 30 times faster than the local average download speed, delivered using Virgin Media’s new and most powerful router,the Hub 4.

Gig1 has a download speed of 1,104Mbps and an upload speed of 52Mbps.

Virgin said the average (median) download speed in East Cheshire is 35 Mbps, based on the Ofcom, Connected Nations Report 2018, published on December 18, 2018.

A Virgin Media spokesman said: “This broadband boost is part of the company’s plan to bring gigabit speeds to nearly 15 million homes by the end of 2021 – the entire Virgin Media network.

Jeff Dodds, chief operating officer at Virgin Media, said: “This is a next-generation broadband boost for Cheshire.

“These hyperfast speeds are nearly 30 times faster than Knutsford’s average broadband connection, meaning that households can do everything they want to do online, at the same time, without delay and are well set for whatever comes next.

“The Government has called for nationwide gigabit connectivity, and we’re helping them leap forward to reach this ambition by turning on our next-generation Gig1 broadband across our entire network over the next 24 months - a speed and scale unmatched by anyone else.”

The Virgin spokesman added: “The hyperfast Gig1 service offers an average peak-time download speed of 1,104Mbps.

“Gig1 broadband is available to new and existing customers and can be packaged with or without telephone, TV and mobile services.

“With Virgin Media’s hyperfast gigabit connection, ultra-high definition 4K films and TV programmes, very large files and 360 degree videos can be downloaded almost instantaneously, even with multiple devices using the connection simultaneously.

“The connection will also support innovative technologies like virtual and augmented reality headsets, cloud gaming and futuristic immersive in-home entertainment.”