BEXTON Primary School is celebrating being been rated as one of the highest achieving schools in the country.

National data released from Fisher Family Trust rated the school’s attainment in reading and maths to be in the top one per cent of primary schools nationally.

Headteacher Emily Armstrong said: “We are absolutely delighted with our achievements this year.

“Our children have made incredible progress in all year groups, and both the children and staff truly deserve this recognition.

"In addition to our national achievements we have also just been ranked as the highest achieving school in Cheshire East for writing, which has well and truly exceeded the target we set ourselves three years ago.

“I believe Bexton’s success has been down to the excellent teamwork with children, staff, governors and parents, and the fact that we all have a strong belief that children should enjoy their learning.

“This is reflected in our Ethical Enterprise curriculum which underpins the children’s education and enables all classes to explore a variety of current themes and makes lessons relevant and memorable which, in turn, makes a positive impact on their learning.”

Jill Sach, deputy head said: “In 2018 we made the decision to remove formal marking in the children’s books and introduce whole class feedback across the school.

“Instead of spending hours writing comments in each individual book the teachers now spend their time analysing the children’s work and planning their next steps.

“Having watched standards increase over the past few years as well as discussing outcomes with children and staff, we know it has made a positive impact, and this year’s results have reinforced this.”

Peter Woodhouse, chairman of governors said: ‘’These results are outstanding - it is the result of consistent hard work and progress over three years by the leadership, teachers and pupils.

“We are trying to get a formula where pupils and teachers enjoy working whilst at the same time setting high expectations.

"I often use the phrase – let's strive to be ‘a happy, high performing school’, and I think that is exactly what Bexton has become.’’