RESIDENTS are to be asked whether they back the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan.

A referendum on the adoption of the plan is to take place on Thursday, October 10, posing the question – ‘Do you want Cheshire East Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Wilmslow to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’

The referendum is organised by Cheshire East Council, and the document people are being asked to consider has been created by the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan (WNP) Steering Group, which consists primarily of Wilmslow residents.

The Independent Examiner, Wendy Burden said: “The WNP is a comprehensive and detailed document, clear in its intentions for the future of Wilmslow.

“Its production has undoubtedly required a high level and standard of work by a group of committed volunteers from the local community.

“I commend the town council and the Neighbourhood Steering Group for producing a neighbourhood plan which seeks to fulfil the wishes and aspirations of their community whilst recognising the requirements of national and local plan policy.

“With the modifications appended to my report the WNP should provide an effective Plan for the management of the future planning of Wilmslow.”

A hard copy of the document is available to view at Wilmslow Library.

Transition Wilmslow has on its website summarised what it considers the most relevant aspects of the plan, and the town council is encouraging the public to vote on the plan document in its entirety.

In a foreword to the plan document, Brian Donohue, chairman of the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group said: “Wilmslow is a great place to live. Our residents told us this repeatedly during the consultations we carried out and in answers and comments made in reply to surveys we conducted during the preparation of this Plan.

“However it should and could be improved. Local bus transport is an issue, as is traffic congestion and long-stay parking.

“The Town Core could be more attractive and active during the day and in the evenings. It is dominated by traffic, and pedestrian movement is of secondary consideration.

“Many residents commented on the housing mix and the difficulty young people have in being able to purchase homes, and at the other end of the scale the lack of appropriate property for people to downsize.

“The plan recognises that the population of the town will grow in coming years as a result of approved new housing. The policies and proposals take account of this.

“The NP sets out a vision that reflects the thoughts and feelings of local people with a real interest in the community.”