TATTON’S Lib Dems have chosen Jonathan Smith as their candidate for the forthcoming General Election.

At a meeting in Wilmslow on September 24 Tatton Lib Dems welcomed Jonathan as their newly-announced candidate.

Jonathan has been a member of the Liberal Democrats, and their predecessors, for 37 years. He has been married for 45 years, and has four children and five grandchildren.

He and his wife Alison have lived in Bowdon for more than 26 years. He has been a director of social services and an NHS chief executive.

Jonathan said: "It is with humility and pride that I take on the responsibility of representing our Party in the Tatton constituency for the upcoming General Election.

“My aim, with our great team of activists and supporters, is to make a powerful and winning case for liberal democracy, for confronting the major challenges of the climate emergency, for a root-and-branch rebuilding of our NHS, and for remaining in Europe.

“Above all, I am setting out to show that politicians can listen, can be radical, and can be trusted.

“Whilst always being an active deliverer of leaflets, my senior career in the public sector prevented me, until retirement, from engaging more openly in politics.

“I fought the 2017 General Election for the Liberal Democrats, and have been the chairman of the Trafford Lib Dems for the past 16 months.”

Gareth Wilson, chairman of the constituency, who fought the Tatton seat in 2015 and 2017, said: "It looks as if we're going to have a General Election soon, and in a seat like Tatton we expect to do very well.

“Unfortunately, due to family care commitments I am unable to stand, but I'm delighted to welcome Jonathan, an experienced and energetic candidate with all the right ideas, as my replacement."