I’VE been commentating on UK politics now for more than 20 years. In that time there has been plenty of outrage. The MPs’ expense account scandal damaged public confidence in Westminster very badly.

The war waged on Iraq to destroy ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that simply did not exist was undoubtedly the biggest political blunder in my lifetime. Thousands of people needlessly lost their lives, triggering a Pandora’s Box of terrorism that rages to this day.

The ludicrous multi-million pound bonuses taken by top executives as their banks nose-dived into insolvency did nothing to convince customers that the Government did anything to safeguard their interest until after the damage was done.

All of these severely damaged public trust in the political establishment, but none created the fear I have today of political disintegration.

Like thousands of others I expected the result of the EU Referendum to be a resounding vote for Remain and just like thousands of others I was wrong. I had of course been wrong before at numerous General Elections and like everyone else I’d learned to live with the result regardless of how vehemently I disagreed.

Some of those elections were won by an extremely narrow margin, others by a landslide, but the alternative to accepting the result was anarchy.

So here we are three years after the result of the EU referendum, with MPs of all shades and colours trying to block any attempt to fulfil the result.

Leader of the Lib Dems Jo Swinson demanded a second referendum then stated publicly that if the result was to leave the EU she would not accept it.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn screamed for a General Election to ‘let the people decide’ but the moment he was offered the opportunity turned it down.

MPs insist they want to approve any agreement to leave then refuse every proposal put before them. Clearly what they do not want is an acceptance of the referendum result.

No election, no second referendum, just outright refusal to acknowledge the result, which frightens me far more than any aspect of staying or leaving. If MPs can overturn a democratic vote once they can do so again, and that should be a frightening prospect for all of us.

Currently their action leaves 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU totally disenfranchised. Who do you think they are going to turn to? It won’t be the establishment that refused them even a General Election.

History leads us to believe that social and political upheaval will follow.