RESIDENTS are being invited to have their say about future flight paths around Manchester Airport.

The airport said the Government made it clear it was essential to modernise UK airspace, and the Civil Aviation Authority said it was appropriate for the airport to change the flight paths aircraft followed below 7,000 feet when landing at or flying out of the airport.

The airport is looking at these flight paths, a process which will take more than two years.

The first stage involves asking those affected by the airport’s operations to offer their views on the principles it should consider when designing new flight paths.

The airport is inviting people to ‘be part of the conversation’ by clicking here

You can find an information pack by clicking here and give feedback by clicking here

October 6 is the deadline for feedback, which will help the airport produce design principles which will be submitted to focus groups before being sent to the Civil Aviation Authority.

Page 22 of the Future Airspace information pack states: “We already operate in a way that limits the effect of aircraft noise.

“This includes the early south turn before Knutsford only being used by quieter aircraft, the westerly route that spreads aircraft over a wide area, and departing aircraft avoiding flying over Knutsford if possible.

“Some of the ways of operating are voluntary, some have been agreed locally and others have been written into legal agreements.

“As we design future flight paths, we need to consider whether to continue operating as we have previously agreed, or whether we should design entirely new routes to achieve the best possible outcomes, taking account of factors such as noise, emissions and the airport running efficiently.”

Two options are offered for people to consider, continuing with current arrangements or designing new routes.

In a foreword to the information pack, airport CEO Andrew Cowan said: “We have a long history of talking to and working with the communities we serve.

“This project of redesigning flight paths will be no different. We want you to have your say at every stage of the process.

“We will keep you informed about where we are in the process, be open and honest in the information we provide, and always listen to the views of the communities we serve.”

Manchester Airport has two runways handling an average of 533 arrivals and departures each day; 202,000 in the year to the end of March.

The information pack said: “Modernising airspace and making better use of new technology can change the effects flights have on those living near the airport.

“As part of this stage of the process we are asking people about the principles we should follow when developing flight paths.

“Some of these principles are relevant to local communities, for example, whether it’s best to concentrate flight paths over one area or spread them out, or whether there are specific areas flight paths should not go over.

“We will follow consultation rules set out in CAP1616, and fully consult the public in later stages of the process."