MANOR Park Primary School and Nursery is to take part in a national project aimed at improving reading standards.

The school has been approached by Lacey Green English Hub from Wilmslow to be a partner school in a Department of Education project to create 32 English Hubs nationally.

The main aim of the project is to improve reading standards across the country and improve education outcomes for children.

Head teacher Simon Cotterill said: “Over the last three years under the current leadership team the school has made significant progress in the teaching of phonics, with significant improvement in results year on year.

“Leadership capacity at all levels has also been recognised as a strength, in particular the leadership of Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYFS) by Suzanne Devenport.

Knutsford Guardian:

Mrs Devenport

“Mrs Devenport has been a Local Authority EYFS teacher moderator for many years, supporting schools in Cheshire East to ensure accurate teacher judgments in Early Years.

“Her experience, expertise and leadership in all things Early Years have been recognised within the newly-formed English Hubs, and the school has agreed to share her expertise to support other schools.”

Mrs Devenport said: “I am thrilled I can support other schools to develop their early language and literacy skills, and in particular focus on Synthetic phonics, which is a passion of mine.

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“It is great that I can also do this while continuing in my role of Early Years Lead at Manor Park.”

Mrs Devenport has been appointed as a Literacy Specialist as part of a national training programme to support schools to deliver high quality phonics in EYFS and Year 1.

Knutsford Guardian:

A reception pupil reading

She will be involved in directly mentoring and coaching staff from many other schools.

Schools from Cheshire East, Salford, Trafford and Stockport are involved in the Lacey Green English Hub, and will all benefit from support by ensuring there is a consistent approach to the teaching of phonics.

Mr Cotterill said: “We are lucky to have someone with Mrs Devenport’s experience, and expertise and passion for phonics and early reading; this ensures all the children at Manor Park make great progress.”

Manor Park School and Nursery are holding an open day on Wednesday, October 2 for all parents to see the Early Years team in action.