RESIDENTS held a rally in Wilmslow on Saturday to protest against what they claim is the Government’s attempt to silence the Brexit debate.

Sarah Murphy from Wilmslow for Europe urged people to keep resisting, demanding representation, fighting for the best interests of the whole country.

Knutsford Guardian:

She said: “Wilmslow residents gathered outside the leisure centre to protest at the latest attempt by our Government to silence the Brexit debate and threaten the country with the possibility of leaving the EU without a deal, by closing down Parliament.

“On the week that the Government’s own shocking analysis of a No-deal Brexit was partially released in heavily redacted form, but no Parliament was sitting to be able to discuss the risks, local people decided to voice their anger at this rally.

“There was a fantastic response from passers-by; so much support and positivity.

“People said they were proud to see members of our own community taking a stand and calling out Johnson’s government for its undemocratic tactics and its irresponsibility towards the future wellbeing of its citizens.”

Speakers included Sam Corcoran, leader of Cheshire East Council and Labour Party member, who said any final Brexit deal must come back to the people to vote on.

Nigel Hennerley, Tatton’s Green Party candidate for the expected General Election said: “We must work together within the EU to find solutions to the global challenges of the climate emergency and migration.”

There were also speeches from Brigitta Hoffman (Lib Dems), Ahmad Arafa (local businessman), Joe Godden (Labour), Catarina Gueben (EU citizen) and Chris Foster (chairman of the European Movement: Macclesfield and East Cheshire).