GREEN Party members in Tatton constituency have again selected well-known local campaigner Nigel Hennerley to contest the General Election which could be called in the next few weeks.

Nigel, from High Legh, said: "The Green Party believes the only sensible thing to do given this EU membership crisis, given that so much has changed and has been distorted, is to go back to the people and allow people to vote for the deal they want.

“Whether that is to Leave the EU and under what terms or the opportunity to vote to Remain in the EU and recognise that perhaps that is the best deal.

"This situation has been dealt to us from a fractured Conservative Party, which has infected the whole country. We must now allow the country an opportunity to resolve this crisis.

"Moving forward, Climate Change needs to be central to all our plans.

"Next year will see the 26th Conference of Parties - the UN conference on climate change - taking place in the UK. This may well be our last chance to avert irreversible climate chaos for our children’s generation and beyond.

"Schemes like HS2 contradict what the science tells us. Ever more airport expansion and economic growth based on business as usual.

“The challenge is how we can thrive sustainably and perhaps swap GDP for Greater Wellbeing.

“Using enormous amounts of energy just to travel a bit quicker is no alternative to better public transport links and improving existing rail services."