SIXTH Form students and staff at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School are celebrating their outstanding success in this summer’s A level and BTEC qualifications.

In 24 subjects students achieved a 100 per cent pass rate, and in 15 subjects more than half achieved the highest grades of A* to B.

In Further Maths 100 per cent achieved the top scores of A* to B, in English the figure was three quarters and in media studies and geography it was two thirds.

Denis Oliver, executive headteacher said: “Today is one of the most pivotal days in the education calendar, marking one of the key transition points, not only in students’ educational careers but also, for some, the start of a new career pathway.

“Results days should be a celebration of what individual students have achieved, and what they have been able to show they have learned and mastered.

Knutsford Guardian:

Denis Oliver with Kamila Janciukaite and her mum Violetta

“Our students have once again turned in some superb performances, and I would like to praise them for how hard everyone has worked, over the past two years in particular, but also in the preceding five years.

“I would also like to thank the teachers and other staff who have worked with our students to make this an outstanding environment for learning.

“What wonderful opportunities and possible pathways all the hard work have made available to our students, and I urge them to seize every one and use the six attitudes to effective learning and progress we have adopted as a school and college to get the maximum benefit from them.”

The students started to arrive at the college at 8am to receive their results, and are now able to finalise their plans for the next stage of their personal and career development.

Senior leaders and highly experienced teachers and support staff were on hand to help the students interpret their results and take the steps necessary to make the most of their successes.

“Mr Oliver added: “It is always a genuine pleasure to watch so many of the students as they confirm their next steps in terms of university places, higher-level apprenticeships and employment opportunities.

“A number of students will work with college staff throughout the day to secure the vital offers which will open up the next stage of their educational careers.”

Knutsford Guardian:

Hannah Cartwright, Theo Gilmour and Lucy Gleave

Ex-head boy Matt Jackson was determined to study languages at Lancaster University, so turned down all other university offers and spent the last year working with younger children in the school, sharing his love of languages while improving his linguistic expertise.

He retook his A levels this year and secured his place at Lancaster.

Similarly, Jack Walker worked throughout the year in the science department, developing his skills and knowledge in chemistry, with the result that he achieved an A, and is able to take up his place at Bath University.

High achieving students, in terms of grades, include Alex Smith, who secured three A grades and an A* as well as an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

Along with Alex, the following students achieved three or more A*/A: Hannah Cartwright, Theo Gilmour, Lucy Gleave, Emma Smith, Emma Stone, Jack Watson.

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Mr Oliver said: “However, success isn’t just measured in terms of grades, and Holmes Chapel Sixth Form College strives to get the best from every student, setting high targets for students to aspire to.

“This year, as always, a number of students not only hit their targets but as a result of their hard work and determination, significantly exceeded them.

Knutsford Guardian:

Jack Watson, who gained an A* and 2 As, with his parents Kate and Paul

“Kamila Janciukaite joined us from Lithuania as a 13-year-old who didn’t speak English.

“Her progress and achievement at GCSE and A level has been remarkable, achieving more than a grade higher than anticipated in each subject.”

Kamila's mum Violetta said: "When Kamila came here in 2013 she was really struggling with English, but the school really helped.

"I am really proud of her; she has worked so hard, with all the amazing school support."

Kamila said: "I did not expect it [my results). I was hoping for Cs, but not Bs and As.

"I am not going to university because I don't think it's for me, so I am going to apply for apprenticeships, perhaps in business or IT.

"When I came here I could not really speak English, but if you are living with it, watching English films, reading English books and listening to English music you are constantly being surrounded by English, and get used to it and pick it up."

Other high achievers in terms of progress include Nathalie Lamb, Daniel Main, Hannah Cartwright, Matthew Gibbs, Emma Smith and Sarah Hartas.

Nigel Bielby, Head of School, who took over the role last summer, said: “The level of achievement across a wide range of subjects is excellent.

“Individual success is different for everyone, and although we rightly celebrate the really high grades, for some of our students the less high profile results represent a remarkable achievement.

“Everyone should be very proud of what our students have achieved in their examinations.

“However, their achievements go well beyond their A level grades. They have developed into remarkable young people with a host of skills and attributes which will help them to develop into individuals with much to contribute to their chosen life and career pathways.

“I wish them all the luck in the world as they make their next steps.”