DRIVING through Alderley, estate agent Henry Pearson is en route to a viewing with a Premier League footballer. The transfer window will soon close, so players are constantly lighting up his phone.

“If a player is abroad, we have to work on his time,” explains Henry, who is part of the Jordan Fishwick (JF) Exclusive team who specialise in housing footballers.

“It takes dedication to be available at all hours – especially well past midnight on weekdays and weekends. We’re prepared to go the extra mile though, because that’s what it takes when you’re working with clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Everton.”

JF Exclusive’s hunting ground spans Hale, Bowdon, Wilmslow, Alderley and Prestbury.

High-end fortresses with robust security, topof-the-range media systems and, most coveted of all, a swimming pool are on every player’s wish list.

“Footballers are prepared to pay anywhere between £5,000 and £30,000 a month to rent the very best houses; however, not many people have a spare 10,000sqft mansion with a pool!” Henry says with a smile.

“We are always searching for new clients with suitable homes and we often work off market – providing a portfolio of properties that only clubs get to see. The families who own them are willing to move out if the price is right.

“They’re the exclusive houses that never get advertised on public platforms such as Rightmove, so no-one can drive past and say: ‘Such and such lives there’. In terms of discretion and privacy, it’s as good as it gets.”

Knutsford Guardian:

For newly-signed footballers moving to Cheshire, convenience is king; many arrive from overseas with only a suitcase.

They want to rent a fully furnished property rather than shop for furniture in between training and media commitments.

“Entertainment areas, a jacuzzi or a pool, and a private gym for training and recovery are must-haves for most players,” reveals Henry, who prefers the fast-paced world of lettings over sales.

“They also love cinema rooms and media systems that they can operate from their mobile phones.

“Security is very important: electric gates, a fully-contained perimeter and world-class CCTV and alarm systems are essential for peace of mind for players and their families.

“The clubs are very clued up and carry out risk assessments before a player takes a house – sending in security professionals to complete a series of checks.”

Location-wise, Hale is considered the most desirable area for footballers – followed closely by Bowdon.

Both villages are ideally situated for Manchester United’s Aon Training Complex and equidistant with Formby for Liverpool and Everton players.

Knutsford Guardian:

“It’s not just about the training though,” adds Henry.

“There are so many footballers in one place that you get that real sense of community – particularly among the Spanish-speaking players who know one another from international duties.

Regardless of club allegiance, they like to be close to each other.

“In Prestbury, you get more for your money; the houses are bigger and have that real ‘wow factor’. They come with amazing countryside views and acres of land.

"Of course, living there adds 15 to 20 minutes onto players’ journeys and many feel they’d prefer that time in bed as they train so hard!”

Following Manchester City’s decision to move from Carrington Training Centre to the Etihad Campus, city centre living is now being favoured by some players.

Manager Pep Guardiola has purchased a “City Suites” apartment in Salford for a cool £2.7m; however, JF Exclusive are confident that rentals will continue to be in favour with most players.

“It gives them the flexibility they need,” Henry explains.

“They may have signed a five-year deal, but if the player has a standout season the likes of Real Madrid could come knocking!

"Renting is a low-level commitment; they don’t have loads of money tied up in the UK and they can avoid paying Stamp Duty.”

Knutsford Guardian:

JF Exclusive have signed confidentiality agreements with every club they work with. They meet most clients and their families in person, as they often prefer to see the houses for themselves.

“We never know who we might meet on any given day,” says Henry, who maintains a low profile and lives in semi-rural Over Peover.

“As a team, we are at the beck and call of every club and that is why we are the first port of call when a player needs housing. Manchester United are five minutes away, so the player liaisons will contact us and say: ‘Can you set up a viewing in 15 minutes?’

“We move mountains to make that happen and the homeowners we deal with are very accommodating. They know it’s worth it to vacate for the viewing.”

It’s a dream job for any estate agent and the team’s passion is matching the right player to the right rental and getting a great deal for the owner – all done with complete discretion and integrity.

Their talents extend not just to superstar players, but also managers, trainers and fitness coaches, as well as their families.

“There is so much that football clubs bring to the community,” Henry concludes. “We’re proud to be a servant to them and the game.” 

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