FED-up pensioner Bob Leigh is hoping his latest complaint about potholes on his road has won action.

Bob, 82, has lived on Sandiway, a cul-de-sac off Thorneyholme Drive in Knutsford, for 32 years.

He has complained a number of times to Cheshire East Council over the past few months about the potholes in his road, which he fears could damage the tyres or suspension on his car.

He is also concerned that someone could twist or break their ankle in one of the holes while walking across the road.

Bob is calling for urgent repairs to five potholes, two being 10 inches wide and between 1.5 and two inches deep, and three of about six inches wide and about an inch deep.

He has complained to the highways department at Cheshire East four times since June, and is hoping this week’s call has borne fruit.

“The response until now from the council has been OK, but they do not do anything to repair the holes,” he said.

“However on Monday I was given a reference number, and later that day I saw that the potholes have had rings sprayed around them.

“I am hopeful that means that they are to be repaired, but I’m not holding my breath.

“I hope they dig out the holes and do it properly and seal them with pitch.

“I am really fed up with the potholes, which you cannot avoid driving over, and are as bad as it’s got in the 32 years I have lived here.”

A council spokesman said the potholes in question had been scheduled for repair.